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Ian Creasey Home Page

Hello, and welcome to my website.  Here you can find my latest news, my biographical and contact details, information about my published works, a few audio downloads of stories, some links to my writers' groups, and other stuff as I get round to adding it.

Now Available

Maps of the Edge cover image

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  • Maps of the Edge is a collection of seventeen SF stories, all previously published in magazines such as Asimov's Science Fiction.
  • Kindle version available at Amazon.com ($3.99) and Amazon.co.uk (2.84)
  • For further details, including other available formats and a free sample story, click here.
  • Strawberry Thief is a fantasy novella, originally published in the magazine Weird Tales.
  • Kindle version available at Amazon.com ($1.99) and Amazon.co.uk (1.27)
  • For further details, click here.

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Latest News

13 April 2015 My story "The Adventures of Captain Contempt in Mixed Media Installations" has been reprinted in the April issue of Fantasy Scroll Mag.  More information about the story is here.

8 April 2015 My novelette "Ministry of Karma" has been published in the anthology Insert Title Here edited by Tehani Wessely.  The story background is here.

9 March 2015 My story "Copycrime" has been podcasted at Drabblecast as part of their B-Sides programme of premium content available to subscribers.  The usual story details are here.

21 January 2015 My short story "Silence in Florence" has been podcasted at StarShipSofa.  The story background is here; a complete list of my fiction available in audio format is here.

14 December 2014 My novelette "Kelly's Star" has been published in the first issue of new magazine Straeon.  More details about the story can be found here.

6 September 2014 The November 2014 issue of Analog is out now, containing my short story "An Exercise in Motivation".  More information about the story is here.

Older news can be found in the news archive.

Home page last updated: 13 April 2015

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